Florida Home Hurricane Protection

Settling down into your home in Florida can be a highly rewarding and gratifying experience but unfortunately the location of the sunshine state leads to some problems, namely in the shape of storms and in particular hurricanes. However, with adequate planning and protection you can protect your home with some basic precautionary measures that ensures your property won’t become too badly damaged if a ‘big one’ hits. Here are some tips to help you secure your home.

Windows and glass doors

Some people will simply put up some plywood over their windows and doors but often this may not be enough to fully protect the property from damage. Much better is to make an investment in some metal shutters to ensure your doors do not get blown off their hinges. Also, consider getting impact resistant glass for your house’s windows. This will be able to withstand most winds and you can be safe in the knowledge that your windows won’t get blown in. It is also a great selling point if you ever look to sell your Florida home at some point in the future.

Stock extra supplies

If a hurricane knocks out the power lines and causes some road damage, you will not be able to go anywhere to buy essentials so make sure you have things such as batteries, bottled water, canned food and extra blankets on hand in case this happens. Another good tip is to buy a generator in case of power blackouts.

Trim Nearby Trees And Foliage 

It is often flying debris that causes the major damage to properties during hurricane season so just make sure that there are no dead trees lying around and that all the foliage close to your home is well trimmed.

Have Evacuation Plans 

On occasion there will be a hurricane that is deemed powerful enough for the state to intervene and order everyone to evacuate. If this happens then it is vital you already have an evacuation plan in place to ensure the smooth departure to somewhere safer. Know in advance where you will be staying and make sure you have all the necessary kit and supplies with you. If you follow these tips, you and your Florida home should be safe enough during the storm season.