Types Of Homes In Florida

When thinking of purchasing a home in Florida there are a lot more options available to the buyer other than the typical condos or single family homes. In order the meet the demands of different sorts of real estate investors there is a wealth of choice with regards to the types of Florida homes available. Let’s look at what sort of FL homes are available.

Beach Houses/Homes – One of the main attractions of buying a property in the sunshine state is obviously the fact that you’re close to some stunning beaches along the coast. The beach homes that surround the coastal areas are a favorite among everyone from young professionals looking for a beach side getaway from the bustle of the cities or for retirees who want nothing but tropical beach side bliss to fill up their retirement years. These types of homes in Florida also offer excellent investment opportunities. After all, regardless of the state of the market, attractive beach side homes will always be very popular to buyers all over the world.

Luxury Properties – The luxury homes in Florida will usually be the customized condos and grand family homes that come complete with all the trappings one would expect from such a property. There will also be plenty of choice for those with very deep pockets in the form of grand estates and beachside mansions. The major cities such as Clearwater, Orlando and St Petersburg will all have superb choice with regards to any style of luxury home and any size budget.

Master Communities – These are always a popular option for familes and professionals due to their convenient self contained facilities and excellent locations. Typically you can expect to find swimming pools, parks, spas, gyms and some may even have boat slips. Because of their locations they are almost always near other conveniences such as schools, hospitals and malls. These always offer good investment potential as well.

Retirement Communities – Much like the master planned communities, the retirement property communities offer some excellent on site facilities such as gyms and golf courses as well as extremely convenient links to malls, restaurants and beaches etc. The type of home on offer here will also range from single unit family properties to luxury condos and villas.