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This website has been designed to make it as easy as possible for visitors such as yourself to find reliable and up to date listings of properties for sale in Florida.  It is one of the few sites that allows the individual user to list their own property for free without the need for agents or any complicated agreements being in place.  Simply fill out the relevant details relating to your property and your own contact information and you are all ready to go.

Despite the recession, homes in Florida continue to be popular to not only US residents but buyers all over the world looking to either move permanently, set up a second home or somewhere suitable for their retirement.  Property in the sunshine state has an ‘evergreen’ quality and even if you are struggling to sell to people locally then you can be sure that due to the international appeal of Florida real estate that by listing on sites such as this, there is likely to be plenty of interest from all over the US and the rest of the world.

South Florida Real Estate

Even after the recession, the south Florida real estate market has remained reasonably vibrant as the international appeal of the area has helped in soaking up some of the problems within the domestic marketplace.  Even as an investor in these precarious times, FL real estate tends to be at its most valuable and in demand in the south.  The year round warm climate, diverse climate and better than average employment opportunities make it an attractive place to live or invest in.

It has unique appeal to the first time buyer market due to its business links, employment opportunites and excellent amenities and it also appeals to the family bracket as well as the retirees who are looking for year round sunshine and excellent facilities.  The variety of properties availble is also well above market standard as there is a wealth of choice to be had, whether you are looking for a bungalow, villa, flats or apartments.

Most south Florida homes will have have ample greenery within its surroundings as well as a driveway, a good sized garage and a swimming pool in the backyard.  Aside from residential south Florida real estate, the commercial properties for sale will almost always be well constructed and come complete with modern amenities.

Basic Investment Tips From The Tri City Area Properties Team

So, you’ve got the capital and the desire to start looking at purchasing your Florida home for a full time live in property or as an investment.  It may seem like an easy process if you have not done it before but as with any business transactions there are the correct methods and there are the incorrect methods.  Here are some basic tips for those looking for suitable homes in FL.

If you are a beginner or you have never purchased a home in the sunshine state before then you need to ensure you are equipped with the necessary information before any money parts hands and any deals are agreed.  This will likely be the biggest purchase of your life so make sure you are not rushed into anything until you have all the facts and are comfortable with your decision and the terms on offer.  Try and get yourself along to some real estate investment seminars and do some networking to see what sort of deals may be available and get an idea of how the sales process should work and what you can expect to happen.  You may also meet some useful people who can be of assistance to your search or indeed the sales process itself.

Arguably the most important aspect of buying and selling in the FL real estate market is the fact that Florida will have its own laws and regulations regarding the real estate market.  So, if you are from another state and are looking to buy then you need to ensure you are up to date on the difference in legalities.  A common mistake is th assumption that property law in Florida will be the same as anywhere else in the US.  It isn’t and it is your responsibility to seek professional legal advice regarding the important differences in statutes.

This is particularly crucial if you are a foreign buyer and think that there is one consensus US property law.  It is imperative you seek out a respected property lawyer within Florida itself who can advise you on all the relevant legalities.  It is worth mentioning that if you sign up as a Tri City Area Properties newsletter subscriber you will get weekly updates regarding all the best practices concerning buying and selling property in the sunshine state along with market analysis and breaking news within the industry.  Just sign up in the newsletter box at the top of this page.